Creating an Article

   I have never taken the time to write an article I am truly passionate about outside of academia. I have done so tons of times within and called it sport, but this is different. This is for art, this is for livelihood. I have known most of my life that I would have to make use of a limited toolset. I’m not saying that I am not naturally talented, but that my neuroses confine me to operating life in certain box-like ways. People who have known me for any long length of time can attest to my introverted and borderline anti-social nature. That’s what makes a good writer, write though, right? Maybe I’m just stroking my own pen at this point. Pun intended.

I set forth with the goal to write a big article spontaneously. The original goal of the site was for it to be a place for me to post these microblogs, skillshare projects, and poetry. The original goal to create an aRPG stands. As with anything I start (if I haven’t lost interest day 2) it changes midway through and becomes something completely different. This is what went down with

   Sitting down to write the initial article was not my biggest challenge. First deciding what to write in was the biggest obstacle. I was going to write in WordPress directly but decided that the way it uses paragraphing would be too unnatural to the flow of my typing. Google Docs also seemed like a logical choice. I keep a lot of my school projects in docs and most of my family stuff is already there too. I was disappointed to find out the

Grammarly plugin was not supported by Google products. Grammarly is fun for writers who like stats, so I settled on writing in the Grammarly editor itself. Did I also mention a good dose of social media to distract me every 10 minutes or so? I cannot focus for very long…

   My favorite setting for writing generally involves an empty house with ambient music filling the room. I need to maintain a flow state with the music to hit the peak performance level I see as the ‘zone’. Everyone has a different style and even perception of what the ‘zone’ truly is and that is because art is subjective as is our reality. Mine generally comes in bursts, like an Uzi. A blast of words pepper the page. Paragraphs perforate the white with the black text. My mind is just an extension of my fingers if all is going as planned.

   I never learned to home row type. I peck furiously at about 75 WPM. My index, middle and ring fingers do the heavy lifting; My thumbs reinforce with spaces. Oh yes, the mighty pinky! I haven’t forgotten you…Shifting in the shadows bringing capitalization to my words when needed. This non-traditional typing style may lead to faster finger fatigue or increased error intake. The truth is I taught myself how to type before I was in school so the habits were inlaid too young to kick.  That was a big deal in the 90s. I might be one of the last 75+ WPM key peckers! Who knows…

   My writing style obviously causes numerous delays. I attribute this mainly to my illness. Where I once threw rages and fits of dysphoric hysteria, I now just find myself fading into numbness or empty space in my head. This is the medication at work. I don’t know what it is doing, but it seems to cancel out the chemical reaction and cause a different kind of reaction. A much less severe one.

   Eventually, I manage to get the entire smattering off to an editor for a double check before I re-write the final draft for publishing. This process is harder than podcasting at the moment. I’m not sure if that is because I am rusty or because it requires more originality. Either way, I am having a blast!

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