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A New Challenge to myself

In a charge to better myself this summer, I am going to publicly release my weekly Fitbit charts and scales starting from this point forward. One of my friends posted a really influential videos on her feed and it moved me to want to better myself in some way and this is one way I could do something accountable. I struggle with my activity level for a ton of reasons — some of them are legitimate medical excuses others not.

So How Am I Doing?

  • 25,449 total steps for the week with my best day being Sunday
  • I did better in most things this week than last, but my active hours are nowhere near my goal of being active (250 steps an hour) 9 hours out of the day. A fairly reasonable goal. Here you can see I am on average only active 3.
  • I could do on improving my exercising days up to 3. My goal is to get that up to 5 for cardio runs.

Exercises Tracked


Being a spontaneous idea, this is my first and only data set for this section. I wanted to give an example of how this could look when it is populated for next week. I will track any exercises I do via Fitbit and then when I go to create this blog, I will have the resulting data. You are heart rat seeing boxing data.

More To Come…

I also plan on adding in a smart scale and all the data that goes along with that. It is still on its way. Hopefully, it will make it in time for the next weigh-in, but I can’t promise that. I really hope it does, because my spring scale’s accuracy has gone off.

I will see you next week with more complete data (I hope!)

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