Weekly Fitness Report

So Let’s Break it Down!

Stepping Out

I had 958 fewer steps than last week. That’s less than 1,000 steps which are fairly inconsequential. To put that into perspective, that is about half a walk around the block which takes about five to eight minutes.

The Burn Factor

Burning only 64 fewer calories less than last week I can hardly call myself a slacker this week. My energy levels aren’t always the same week to week. You should not let that get into your head when trying to work on your health.

Get Up & Go

Almost an hour less active tells me either the weather outside was bad or the weather in my head was bad. Either way, that’s life. Can’t fault it. 17 minutes of active time a day average is not ideal, but is still not terrible. This is an area of growth I want to maximize on.


My days where I am pushing myself to exercise is up which is a good trend. My goal is to keep this around 4. I have to remember to not burn myself out or cause an injury. Due to my bipolar nature, I often try to take things to unnecessary extremes.

Sweet Dreams

My sleep tends to be good when I stick to my exercise routines and medications. A Clonidine and Clyclobenziprine cocktail an hour before bed relaxes the muscles and blood vessels enough for me to be asleep within ten minutes of my desired time.

Even a good night’s sleep for me isn’t perfect. I have to wake up to use the bathroom generally at least once. Sometimes not at all. The other awake instances I have no recollection of. Sleep is very interesting. You can also see here I don’t get much deep sleep.

Mixing Activities

I am trying to diversify my activities. This is the first iteration of this. You can see there are pencil marks next to the names of some activities. This is because they were either auto detected by Fitbit and I can rename them to my liking (the walks are accurate), or I put on a custom workout tracker and didn’t know you could add custom names until right now. Next edition will include the names of exercises as I will go in and name them post workout.

Activity of the Week

This activity I did right before sitting down to log this so I was able to give it a name and everything like all the data for next week will have. My current goal is fat burn, not cardio. Anytime I enter into the cardio zone I back off. I will work on cardio once I hit my running weight.

In My Favor

Speaking of weight, I bought a new scale to accurately keep track of my health. It’s a Xiaomi fitness scale. The one that links up to your phone and tells you how decrepit you are.

I’ve got a lot of “goals” I didn’t reach here. I didn’t set these goals myself, the scale did. They seem to be pretty healthy things to strive for, though. If you compare the weight in this image with the weight in the Fitbit image, you will also notice that…

Image result for fitbit 50lbs badger
50 lbs down is about halfway to my goal!

So on that note, I am fairly satisfied with my results. I have a long road to go. This is where weight loss gets tough. I have a lot of tools I didn’t have at my disposal in previous attempts. The biggest being a healthy mindset.

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