Can’t keep getting caught in my thoughts
Sick of those bastards – I’ve fought and fought
No street is safe – Overcontemplate
Just opening the door – Overcompensate
From fear to fury – My heart, it can’t take
Emotions swinging to and fro, like a neck noosed
My fate might be the same…

Move the finger – shift the blame
Rearranged – It’s still the same.
Worthless – I’m still the picture-perfect frame
Containing nothing but sorry and wishes
Meant to be thank you’s and dreams
Instead, my shortcomings pile up in reams…

Fed up with the running, running, race in my headspace
I just want to pull the e-break and see
Where I am when the smoke clears
Probably face to face –
My heart pounding; My mouth fills with a metal taste –
One of my worst fears telling me I’m a disgrace

I wish I had the strength – no, the will
To end this with wisdom, but my pen is filled with swill
So until I can kill this saddening storm that seems to fill
My heart and mind with all, but quiet and still…

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