I’ve been challenging myself just to think clearly lately. That doesn’t make me too happy. I find my creativity comes in short bursts or manic stretches. It’s hard to sustain flow. That’s not to say I haven’t been utterly unproductive. I just haven’t been completely productive to the means of which I wish I were.  Say that three times fast.

I went to the Lexington Symphony with ole Gram the other night. She and I had a blast. We knew absolutely nobody as it was our first time. I like it that way. Nobody to introduce myself to, nobody to schmooze with. All I had to do was get to my seat and enjoy the show; Oh and make sure not to lose her. 

I happened to bump into one of the board members who was very friendly on my way to the seating chart. He asked me if I was a musician. I revealed that I play drums. I did not mention my vocal prowess. The large cathedral-like doors swung open and we entered the hall.

Front row seats next to the soloists family. I didn’t know it was her family until they all mysteriously vanished after her amazing performance  Mendelssohn | Violin Concerto, Op. 64 Holy CRAP – The emotion, the passion, the raw energy. She was but 17 and had the talent of a master. I was to captivate to take a picture. She reminded me of someone I went to school with who had a passion for music in the same way. 

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When the lights finally did rise it was almost 10pm. My grandmother was dazzled. She was so filled with excitement from the following night she didn’t even attend Sunday church the following day. She was just too tired! That’s a win in my book because the church service had steel drum performers that day. Hard act to pass up.

The following day her dementia had turned the event into a festival of music! We were there for the whole day! It was the best day of her life. Sometimes hallucinating can be fun. The doctors won’t tell you that though, and yes it’s 99% torture. It’s nice when memory doesn’t get perverted into evil though. Most nice things we do end up turning into something sad. Not because they actually were sad, or bad, or even had by happenstance we came across misfortune: She simply sours sentiment. Not by intent. It’s the illness, but it is very tiring.

Here we are in April now. I have a dead refrigerator sitting in my kitchen waiting to be replaced and I’m shopping daily for food, Yay! The replacement is on its way. Soon things will be chill again. Not for me, but at least for my food. 

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