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Throughout the episode there may be discussion of verbal, physical, or sexual abuse;possible descriptions of self-harming behavior such as suicide, self-inflicted injuries or disordered eating;depictions, poosibly lengthy or psychologically realistic ones of the mental state of someone suffereing abuse or engaging in self-harming behavior

*[ Is it an Anxiety attack or a Panic Attack?]
*[ How to Calm Down Anxiety With These 8 Quick Hacks]
*[ When Exercise Makes Your Anxiety Worse]
*[ Knowing your decision making style can lower your stress]
*[ When you feel like you are ‘Too Much’ for your Friends]
*[ Panic Symptoms Nobody Talks About]
*[ Coerced Hospitalization increased suicidality]
*[ Bipolar Disorder Demystified]
*[ BPD is a response to Trauma]
*[ Growing Beyond Labels]
*[ A family in Denial]

*[ Mushrooms Medicine]

*[ MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Phase-2]

*[ Third and Final MDMA Trial]

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