Holding Cells Aren’t Helping

This is the tale of my stay at the Lawrence Memorial Med 6 Psychiatric Unit. It outlines how poor care is given even when the stay is voluntary.

June: Me

So I skipped a couple of months on the audio blogs because I was putting so much work into the idea of launching the new podcast (which should be Monday). This was the beginning of another pre-show but I had no co-host so I began to ramble about my life, medication, depression, etc.


A short poem about depersonalization. It also speaks to self-hate as well as attempting to over come that by re-uniting with the self.

Taking Down (From The Inside)

Fade the shades and lay with me
The light can’t see
Where we are now.
I clutch you, my photograph, tightly

A Day At the Symphony

Not because they actually were sad, or bad, or even had by we happenstance came across misfortune: She simply sours sentiment.

The Gramlin | F*CK Healthcare

Due to my mistrust of the medical system I have an emergency 12 day supply tucked away. It’s the wrong dose and on the verge of expiring…

Flowing Forward

All I could do was analyze the future and what was to be. I was stuck in a constant loop. No more. Now I am just flowing forward.

A cold gratefulness

Old people and their logic. Hidden old people agenda to keep the heat high is what that shit is.


That would generally involve me checking the wyzecams often hoping all is well, ready to make a call to the neighbors…

Life is a waterfall

I have attached a small teaser to the dementia project if you are interested. Feedback most appreciated.

Flow to Go

Getting past things like that….Remembering that yes there will be periods of time where the flow of creativity runs awry; Never dry.

Feeling it

A friend who goes by the handle “Thieves” donated tons of artwork that I can use to get the project started. That’s the kind of stuff that..

Gran’s 90th

…New England my uncle oversees that shit. Yeah that means literally nothing. The power of anchovies compels you…