Hallucination of Friendships

Taking medication
Like a precaution
To avoid the flood
Of memories
That overrun my mind
With sad ideas
And thoughts of you
Why do you like to invade me?

Theres times and places
My mind shapes the faces
Of friends and enemies
Just to remind me
I’m still alone

They gave me a pen
And told me to write my own ending
But I spilled the ink on the paper
And it formed ink black tears
And I was satisfied – were you?

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April’s Audioblog [Free]

You have no idea how long it took me to find this audio player. You would think I have a computer science background or something.

I dont usually do this…But this is the first half of my pre-show from Runescape Weekly. It turned out to be very intimate because it was a monolog due to my cohost being late. I ended up covering how I feel about my shortcomings due to my mental health and the channel trending downwards. Some personal insight into how medications effect work life and every day life and more. I also offer a glimpse of hope into how I could change the show…

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