Holding Cells Aren’t Helping

This is the tale of my stay at the Lawrence Memorial Med 6 Psychiatric Unit. It outlines how poor care is given even when the stay is voluntary.

Monthly Me: August

Content Warning: Medication problems, social stigma, suicide, and dementia are shared in this episode.

Changing Veins and Lanes

This cursed life is just a ploy A simple toy… Employed by misery to murder joy I try to fight the void… But my will, long destroyed I wish to see …

The Artifact

I wanna live in my dreams Rip between the seams The people in my mind are more coherent it seems To be… Reality is nothing to me Jokingly – Brush aside …

From Treasure to Trash

From Treasure to Trash

For eight months I took pictures of my grandmother at various events and made her a lovely picture book. Find out why she hates it!

Mother's Day for Two

Mother’s Day For Two

We pull into the driveway and head inside via the front walk. Mist is almost stinging in the morning air as I rush ahead to open the door. We gathered in the living room and I set up my recording. I captured some really endearing audio of her experiences at church, what she thought, what she wishes it had been like, and then her gift opening.

Creating an Article

Creating an Article

I never learned to home row type. I peck furiously at about 75 WPM. My index, middle and ring fingers do the heavy lifting; My thumbs reinforce with spaces. Oh yes, the mighty pinky! I haven’t forgotten you…Shifting in the shadows bringing capitalization to my words when needed. This non-traditional typing style may lead to faster fatigue or increased error intake. The truth is I taught myself how to type before I was in school so the habits were inlaid too young. That was a big deal in the 90s. I might be one of the last 75+ WPM key peckers! Who knows…

A Day At the Symphony

Not because they actually were sad, or bad, or even had by we happenstance came across misfortune: She simply sours sentiment.

The Gramlin | F*CK Healthcare

Due to my mistrust of the medical system I have an emergency 12 day supply tucked away. It’s the wrong dose and on the verge of expiring…

Flowing Forward

All I could do was analyze the future and what was to be. I was stuck in a constant loop. No more. Now I am just flowing forward.

A cold gratefulness

Old people and their logic. Hidden old people agenda to keep the heat high is what that shit is.


That would generally involve me checking the wyzecams often hoping all is well, ready to make a call to the neighbors…

Life is a waterfall

I have attached a small teaser to the dementia project if you are interested. Feedback most appreciated.

Flow to Go

Getting past things like that….Remembering that yes there will be periods of time where the flow of creativity runs awry; Never dry.